Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Positive Black Men Section

I wanted to start a section specifically for black men of Intelligence, brothers who defy the stereotypes we see everyday in the news and abroad.  These men are not given enough attention, they are involved with their community, are great fathers, husbands and businessmen!!

MARCH 2011
Mr. Caprise Scott:

Caprise Scott is the author and director of over 100 video documentaries including the critically acclaimed "Message to the Bloods C.R.I.P.S & Latin Kings". Scott is a world renowned theological and social lecturer. Scott is an astute student in metaphysical principles and motivational speaking. Informally known as an urban docent and educated in the NYC school system, he is a self taught social anthropologist. Scott’s goals include the establishment of a solar technology institute to financially enable the underprivileged & disadvantaged urban youth. Co-founder of Grand Horizon Enterprise Inc. which is the predecessor of Akhet Tours Inc. Scott is also the Co-founder of Upper Nile Research Society Inc. Scott strives to be a celebrated trailblazer who will stop at nothing to see that the job is done correctly. Scott currently oversees tour groups to culturally oriented festivities including pilgrimages to African burial grounds and Oceanside ancestral libation ceremonies.

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