Monday, March 7, 2011

Can Tyler Perry Re-Make the Smash Hit LOVE JONES??? We Hope!!!

Via ThisNThat Blog
Can it be that Tyler Perry is ready for a rated R movie?  Could he be ready to take on a venture into the sexual conversation of what today’s Love Jones may look like?  It appears that the answer to all these questions may be a resounding NO.  But, since we haven’t heard anything from Madea’s mouth, well, we’re stuck in a media limbo.
The Root reported that all of the hoopla over the project is pure rumor.  According to their sources (which they didn’t name), the rumor started with the Smart Brothas site(we assume) saying that they somehow got a hold of a copy of the “screenplay” and they had sat down and had a conversation with the original screenwriter and director, Ted Witcher. Do any of you have any better information on this production? 
What if Tyler Perry does make the announcement soon that he really is doing the remake and he plans to make it more comedic and PG-13-ish?  You think that would work?  And how could he work a religious or spiritual message into the story?  Maybe this time Nina and Darius will sign a celibacy contract and join one of those groups where all their friends have to go on their dates with them and THENNNNN they can talk about sex there?  Sound good?  I gotta give MYSELF a C’MON SON! on that one.

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