Monday, March 7, 2011

SMH...I really think he is a sociopath...

And his new wife, pictured here is the "homewrecker" who slept with a married man...any man who leaves a woman destitute after being married for over a decade is SLIME, especially when she birthed your child!!!!

Steve Harvey reportedly stunned his ex-wife this Valentine’s Day by sending her a court summons concealed in a box of chocolates.
Mary Lee Harvey tells TMZ that three days after the holiday, she was served “with a box of chocolates, a romantic card, and a notice saying you are going to be required to come back to court on March 10.”
The syndicated radio host took out an injunction against Mary Lee last month after she accused him of cheating on her during their marriage.
In a series of videos posted on, Mary alleged the comic-turned-relationship guru left her homeless and “turned my son against me” after they split in 2005.

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