Friday, March 11, 2011

Their only telling the truth...bravo to them

Jalen Rose would be feeling the heat right now behind his latest comments in a documentary on the Fab Five if his remarks weren’t cleared up on ESPN’s First Take.  They played a clipthat showed Jalen Rose’s as well as other players’ disdain for Duke’s Blue Devils.  They felt that they weren’t interested in anything but the players that were from ”accomplished families.”
The former University of Michigan basketball player was quoted in the film saying, “For me Duke was presonal.  I hated Duke. And I hated everything I felt Duke stood for.  Schools like Duke didn’t recruit players like me.  I felt like they only recruited black players that were Uncle Toms.” The sentiments he expressed were how he felt as an 18-year old coming out of Detroit.  And he felt Duke wouldn’t give him a chance because of that.
He explained on First Take that he felt that way then, but their recruitment practices are still the same and him and other black players that played college ball at the time, still feel that way because of it.  Jalen is quite eloquent in explaining the recruitment practices for Duke

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