Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Okay, so for weeks on end I've been hearing rumblings in regards to "Beyawnce" and her strange behavior postings via her personal Tumblr website. Apparently there is a method to the madness as I am hearing via other sources that she and Lady GaGa (Y.O. Native) are hooking up once more to record a song called "RATCHET"...We can only guess what it is going to be about but one thing for sure it will be provocative for everything these two do is usually Over the Top sensationalistic! Is that a word?!! Anyways, Word on the Cyberstreetz is both are wearing earrings with the words "RATCHET" attached. Always amazes us how Beyonce is able to go from "Classy to Ashy" however she seems to be able to hold on to the "Classy" title for some reason. Check out the Video below of her Ultra Private NYE event in Las Vegas:

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