Sunday, January 27, 2013

"BLACK AGENDA" is it time? Rev AL & others Convene...

We appreciate and voted for President Obama's second term. Now we would like ACTION when it comes to the concern of the black community. Dr. Boyce Watkins, whom we do  not agree with all the time, however on this point, we do. Read the full write up via the link: 
"The final point that comes to mind as Rev. Sharpton gathers with his colleagues to discuss their vision for black America is that the meeting severely lacks relevance and authenticity when it seeks to keep dissenting voices away from the table.  Others who should be invited to this meeting include: Rev. Jesse Jackson, Dr. Julianne Malveaux, Dr. Wilmer Leon, and others (perhaps even Louis Farrakhan) who have interests that might be more aligned with the people than with their own quest for bureaucratic cronyism.   You can’t claim to seek honest opinions and then only listen to people who tell you what you want to hear." BLACKDOGBLUEDOG

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