Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I sure would like to have a Broomhilda and D'Jango Doll! I said it. I loved the characters in the movie, their resilience. Someone said it best with the term "Cognitive Dissonance" which basically boils down to a person avoiding situations or information sources that give rise to uneasiness or "dissonance". Dissonance means confusion. Now I realize some who have not seen the movie are experiencing confusion, as they hear the word "slave movie" and envision or "makeup" their own perceptions on what the movie is about or should I say, should be about, without ever having seen it.  For those who have seen the movie and felt uneasiness it is their right to feel how they want. 

 If you read our write up on this movie, you will know that we loved the movie, felt no disrespect whatsoever, and felt the ancestors would have been proud or probably wouldn't have cared either way but they sure would have been able to relate to some of the characters.

 Let me pose this question. Would you purchase a replica of the great Sojourner Truth or Harriet Tubman as memorabilia? They were real life people, real slaves with HUGE spirits...ones who spoke truth to power, risked life and limb to do so, which was deadly considering the evilness they were surrounded by, and became "Sheros" in history . Would it be disrespectful to do so? I guess one could argue, it depends on whom is profiting from the sale.

 In the beginning, I said I would buy one of the action figures, however, that was lighthearted sarcasm, I would not. I do feel the dolls are in poor taste however, I really believe this is not a case of civil rights being violated, this is a case of pure capitalism at its best (or worse). While some are screaming about these dolls which will cause no harm, some need to scream about the slaughter that is taking place in Cities like Chicago, the Injustice system which is locking away innocent young black people and/or sentencing them to life for minor reasons such as stealing,  for that is REAL life!

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