Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hilarious...Obama demanded to RESIGN over Beyonce LipGate

PER NEWSONE: NOTE: The New Yorker article NewsOne cited in the post below is, in fact, satire. We apologize for reporting the piece as fact. Just to make sure, we also contacted Sen. Paul’s Communications Director, Moira Bagley, who said that the Senator never made the remarks. That said, The Borowitz Report is widely know for satire, something that not everyone on our staff at NewsOne is aware of.

We can't make this stuff up people. This is exactly why I feel the President and First Lady should've been more careful cozying up to these two as it is a very slippery slope when dealing with the entertainment world. President Obama is now being asked to RESIGN by Republican Senator Rand Paul, because Beyonce Knowles has allegedly been accused of Lip Synching the "Star Spangled Banner"!!!! Yes, it is quite rudiculous, but when have you not known some Repubs to be quite the Clowns.  Still funny to Us.  Read full details at NEWSONE

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