Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I'll take "Afro-Pessimism" for $200 Alex!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a new word to throw into the mix and it is called "Afro-Pessimism". What is "Afro-Pessimism" one may ask? Well according to contributor Mr. Eugene Holley at "", it would seem to describe folks of color who can't get over Oppression and carry a "To High to get over, To Low to get Under" stuck mentality. The contributor may carry some valid points however, his lackadaisical tone in regards to "Mass Incarceration", "High Unemployment" and "Inner-City Crime" leaves us confused as after acknowledging all of these Ills, he almost ALWAYS follows up with the word "BUT".

Yes, I have encountered people who seem to turn anything positive or progressive into a negative in the hood, using their excuses as an excuse not to better themselves, I think most know what I am speaking. However, I also know those who are critical thinkers, similar to a Dr. Cornel West or even a Dr. Julianne Malveaux, whom the writer alluded to as "Afro-Pessimists" as well.  Should not they be afforded the right to implement their "Third Eye" about the First African American President, without basically being labeled as "losers" that may have given into Self-Pity? When the White filmmaker Michael Moore, takes the same stance as these so called "Afro-Pessimists", what name should he be given?

Mr. Holley, also lays out how President Obama is "quietly" assisting African Americans, I have to admit I fed into this way of thinking as well, as not every strategic move needs to be put out on front street, especially when your foes are constantly watching, however how would Mr. Obama "quietly" go about erradicating Mass Incarceration, which is a new format of "Jim Crow" using legal tactics and manipulation, IF he has to go through a Congress? A Congress who as of this moment make up tea party rightists, who have boldy said they want to see him fail.

No sir, if Mr. Obama can pretty much invoke the spirit of the late Dr. Martin Luther King by using the preacher's bible to be sworn in for a second term, than he should invoke that leader's courage and integrity to use his "bully pulpit" for action and TRUTH. I'm sure Dr. King was considered an "Afro-Pessimist"or more appropriately "a rabblerouser" in his day for still seeing the Jar as half empty even after lunch counters and public buses were de-segregated!

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