Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Is Facebook a New Form of Mind Control? VIA HuffingtonPost

 Sooner or later we knew there would be some discussion on the "social" effects of interacting on a daily basis with hundreds of strangers. I told my son I sometimes feel Facebook  is a mechanism of "Mind Control", Don't Judge Me.... The algorithms used by the site are telling.  How is it that now so called "respected publications" like Time Magazine and others are quoting and sourcing their information from Popular Gossip Sites such as TMZ and MediaFakeOut. For example examine all of the misinformation that was spread over Facebook and the Internet in re to the tragic Sandy Hook incident and mainly via Facebook users who took a story and ran with it, (I've been guilty), not to mention those who are more BOLD to make pages defaming someone, only to find out, they have the wrong person because of a news story they see in their feed?

As of this date, there are 1 Billion people using the Social Media site! There are 7 Billion people  on the planet earth!  That is alot of stored data, including personal pictures in one place, don't you think?

The Platform serves as a crucial means for Entrepreneurs who depend on promotion and advertising for their business endeavors and great for networking! However, My motto? Use the social site responsibly when it comes to life and limb. Ask yourself time and again, am I disseminating too much personal information, is it necessary. Most of all. Take vacations from the site now and than to clean your mind of the quick and steady information overload. I think it is crucial for critical thinking, independent thinking. Check out Huffington Post's Write Up Below:

HuffPost: Is Facebook Making You Miserable?

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