Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Kanye West's family speaks out and says: "NO BUENO"

Honestly, I think he should have stuck with the model Alexis whom, R.I.P, his mom Dr. Donda
West seem to like very much. I am a huge fan of Kanye West and and am SHOCKED at his lack of judgement but hey, it is his life and  EVERY child is a blessing from the most high. However, check out what his "alleged" cousin Tony had to say about how Ye' broke the news about Kimmie's pregnancy. 

Tony Williams: “He kinda said it like…let’s say me and you were having a conversation about about being at the mall and we saw a little kid, and so he says ‘Speaking of little kids, I’m bout to have one”. He just slid it in the middle of a conversation in a room full of people.”

Tony Williams: “Nah, it was just in the middle of conversation like ‘Oh yeah, speaking of which…’ Some people caught it and some people just kept it moving, then came back like ‘Wait, what did you say again??’ After everybody caught it, I guess people were just trying to gather themselves. But after while, like 5 minutes later, he was like ‘Why was everybody’s reaction so quiet, is that supposed to be good thing or a bad thing??’” So he was just really curious as to what our reaction was, which was kind of like disbelief, but I was like ‘Aren’t you 35? You gotta do it sometime!’

Tony Williams: “It’s just surprising because, I can’t speak on behalf of everyone else, but for myself it was just like, how did you make it THAT long?! Of all the women you’ve been with how did you make it that long without popping one off on accident? Not making any judgment or opinion (about Kim) but everyone just had to to process it. We have a really close knit family and every year we spend our Christmas together, and that’s been forever, and every one of Kanye’s girl’s has been to the house from Alexis, to Brooke, to Amber they all been here. And he seemed to feel as strongly about all them as he does about her, so it’s kind of like, why did SHE get pregnant?”

We don't know about ya'll but we're thinking Kanye may have just killed his career with this move!

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