Friday, January 4, 2013

Our Review of "DJANGO UNCHAINED" Off the CHAIN!

So yesteday I had the pleasure of viewing the HIGHLY controversial Quentin Tarantino flick "DJANGO UNCHAINED" starring Jamie Foxx and our girl Kerry Washington. It is imperative to form your own judgement instead of walking lock & step with some forms of public opinion, especially those whom may base their "bread and butter" and financial survival chasing any story with elements of "Racial Discord".

I loved this movie and cannot wait to add it to my collection. The main characters in the film, were Jamie Foxx who plays Django, Leonardo DiCaprio, owner of the Plantation "CandyLand", Kerry Washington plays a character named "Hilde" short for "BroomHilde" and last but sure not least, the character that REALLY got under my skin, Samuel L. Jackson whom plays the "Uncle Tom" named Stephen.

I was unsure of how I would receive this movie and was quite anxious I may add as I walked into the theater. Anxiously awaiting for any sort of "Ingenuity" or dishonesty in the way Tarantino portrays the horrible, disgusting history of this country, the "HOLOCAUST" of Africans. I waited and waited to no return. Although, Yes the epithet "Nigger" was used tremendously, I have to say it fit well into the movie and was not used in any comedic sort of way but made the Caucasian racists portrayed in the movie look even more ignorant the more it was used.

 The movie was styled as a Western, which took some time for me to get acclimated to as I've never been a huge fan of "Shoot'em Up" John Wayne type of flicks however, Tarantino brilliantly, I perceived, used this style of cinematography as a more effective way to "rub" some white movie goers into more uncomfortableness as the movie continued; and I tell you I observed some being visibly shaken due to the graphic, bloody killing by D'Jango of Caucasian people in this movie.

The authenticity of the degrading, monstrous experiences of slavery was as REAL a depiction Tarantino could have brought to life on screen. Some parts of the movie I found myself physically cowering and turning away from, scenes such as the "Mandingo" fights spearheaded by DiCaprio's character. I literally broke down in tears when D'Jango finally meets up with his wife, played by Washington, only to find her in the so-called "HotBox"!! Throughout the film there are sprinklings of familiarity that African Americans today can relate such as the outright "Separation" of slaves by "Privilege" is one that I noted and I feel gives a peak into the struggle, still today!

Not every Caucasian in this movie is a monster however, the bounty hunter who hires and frees D'Jango is an unforgettable character that I believe breathes even more truth into this film. The tragedy, the film is loosely based on the real "DJango, who's name was "Dangerfield Newby", the fact that he never had a chance to rescue his beloved wife Harriet is heartbreaking, but he did get to do a little KILLING!!. Scroll down the blog to read about him..

 We give "D'Jango Unchained" an  A- !!!! *MUST SEE*

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