Tuesday, January 8, 2013

SOCIOLOGY: As Black As We Want to Be...

Woah! This story is very interesting. Having taken Sociology a few times in College, it definitely lends to the saying, "Never Judge a Book by Its Cover".  I remember living in Atlanta, a friend and I would play the game of "Black or White" whenever we would be out and about,  if we ran across someone who had "ethnic" characteristics but were obviously trying to pass. Yeah I know Silly, but it was quite interesting to see. In this Write Up entitled: "As Black as we Want to Be", this Phenomena is taking place in a small town in Ohio. Check out this fabulous book as well entitled: "Not our Kind of People" by Larry Otis Graham, this book will have your Jaw on the floor at the extent some black folks go to,  not to identify as Black.


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