Monday, January 28, 2013

TX D.A. urges "Racial Justice Act" for Innocent...

Disheartening but a sigh of relief to see some who are willing to jump in and speak truth to the racism that is so obvious throughout the Injustice System. The blatant disregard or lack of action may I say,  by a sitting black president right now of these facts presented by the "Innocence Projects" worldwide, is disturbing and speaks volumes. I'm sure it will be very difficult to get this bill passed, especially in TX, however at least he is putting forth the effort. Read the write up at this Link: Innocent

These numbers speak for themselves: According to a 2008 study of racial disparity in sentencing, black defendants in Harris County, which includes Houston, were more likely to get a death sentence than white defendants. That study revealed that blacks comprise 40% of Texas’ nearly 300 death row inmates while just 11% of the state’s population is black.

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