Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"4Africa" 75 Mil Initiative launched by Microsoft!!!!

Ever the entrepreneur Bill Gates is throwing BIG money behind a new initiative entitled: "4Africa!" A $75 Million dollar venture that sees to put a million AFRICAN business online in the next 3 years. Microsoft also plans to sell "tens of millions" of smartphones, computers and other devices at a discount under the program, Otieno said, without providing a specific figure.

Is it just us thinking that the continent of Africa has become a "booming" economic hotspot for these "movers & shakers?" We know businessmen like Mr. Gates does indepth research before investing and obviously knows what is going on behind the scenes. We have also been staying tuned in as well to the newfound interest in the continent, which one can only do via alternet news sources as corporate media is on one, if you know what we mean.

 One thing is for sure, this Opportunity will NOT be missed or taken for granted by Indigenous African brothers and sisters, having had many as friends, they are very resourceful, well educated and more United than most american blacks.  read full article at NEWSDAY

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