Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Claudia Jordan gets slammed on VH1 show "Tiny Tonight" for being a Class Act SMH

Have you checked out the new VH1 show "Tiny Tonight"?  We love the show and think Tiny is doing a superb job. Now to the point of the topic. On a recent episode, titled: "The V Special", the question was posed to Claudia Jordan and Miami "Rapstress"Trina, by a audience member, "What would be your ideal first date? Ms. Jordan, the first to answer, said she prefers a low key date whereas she can get to know the person and would even consider cooking for her date. Simple answer and quite reasonable to us. However, Trina, whom I don't know what to call her these days, but she used to be a rapper although we haven't really heard any hits from her as of late,  immediately interjected with a "talk to the hand' motion" and said her Ideal first date would be on a private jet to a private island, it would have to be very lavish indeed. (Huh)

THAN, Toni Braxton's little sister and wife of Music Mogul Manager to Lady Gaga, Tamar Braxton; rudely insinuated that the reason why the 40 year old, Ms. Jordan was not married is because of her low standards, she also preceded to say if a man did not have the means to make her feel special, i.e, money, than he was all wrong for her. Trina preceded to agree and add, "simple is NOT always the best", with Tiny agreeing. WOW!!!

We would just like to BIG UP,  Ms. Jordan for being a Class Act and showing an example for young women, that while money is important, it should not be the end all be all, the heart is what truly matters. Just because a man can bless a woman with the finer things in life, does not trump the most important trait that a real woman should look for, and that is a "fine" heart! While, Yes...we expect to be treated like a queen and with respect, AND have certain prerequisites in a man, that is a must, however having priorities in order is a must for us and eating shrimp at an high end restaurant is not at the top of our priority list. Shallow indeed, but honestly, this is the world of the entertainment industry.

Shout Out to Tamar's husband Vince. We hope you never fall on hard times. Claudia, girl you are a beautiful woman, your priorities are in order dear, keep on being a Class Act!

Tiny Tonight! The V Special
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