Friday, February 1, 2013

Malala & Hadiya: A fight for Life, A fight for Education

These two stories touch me deeply. As a young girl,  having a love for reading was a temporary retreat  to get away from the hectic, sometimes depressing surroundings of  "urban" life. I would often visit my local library and borrow handfuls of books, just to be able to immerse myself in a different world. Reading Malala's story reminds me of this freedom, the freedom of education that some american children take for granted. Identifying with Hadiya's story, is all too familiar. Dealing with everyday pitfalls and a reality you just may not be able to escape!

Malala Yousafzai, from a village in Pakistan, was a leader for girls and women at just the young age of 11.  Malala pushed families and girls to resist the Taliban.  While many young girls today are dancing to and imitating Nikki Minaj and Beyonce, little Malala was fighting for something most important. The right for education, to be able to read, and she almost died doing so.

 American born Hadiya Pendleton, lost her young life due to gun violence. Hadiya Pendleton by all accounts was an Intelligent honor student and had just recently took part in a campaign against gang violence in her community, how ironic that at just 15 years of age, she would die by it. Just recently she had the privilege of sharing in the festivities of the Inauguration of President Barack Obama, as a majorette in her school's marching band. She was surely on the right path! She dreamed of going to Northwestern University and talked about becoming a pharmacist or a journalist, maybe a lawyer.

 Both of these young ladies were victims of violence, both chose to lend their voice to a bigger cause for the betterment of their communities. One died having the opportunity to receive education, however fell prey to violence in her community, while the other lacked the opportunity for education and almost lost  her life to a "GANG" of terrorists to receive it.

 Malala & Hadiya. Two young women of color from two very different worlds, or were they?


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