Monday, March 18, 2013

"JONYLAH FOREVER" Emotional Song by Lupe Fiasco

This had the tears flowing.  When is it okay for this to happen and it just become a footnote? This darling didn't have a chance.  Some will explain it away and say, it is because of the environment she was raised in or her Dad's fault, either way there is no way anyone cannot feel the Utter sadness over the death of a 6 month old baby murdered so grotesquely for NOTHING!

 It will be a long road for the parents towards healing, however I  have learned no matter how tragic there is a lesson and a blessing, no matter the circumstances. 

In honor of the death of 6-month-old Jonylah Watkins, who was gunned down as her father changed the baby’s diaper; Lupe Fiasco released a new song under her name. “Jonylah Watkins” is a personal account of the ongoing problems of gun violence, as Lupe addresses her youth and the struggles of being in a street gang world. 

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