Thursday, March 21, 2013

SHOTS FIRED! Fresh Prince of Bel Air Vs. Wendy Williams


At one point in time we were Diehard Wendy fans from her very early days and even attended a few of her events when she was an on air personality at New York radio station, Hot 97.  We went through the drama of her being fired from that station, only to return to WBLS years later after certain contract fulfillments. We were loyal.

However, we have lost love for Ms. Wendy because for some reason since she has become a TV host of her own daytime Talk show, she just seems to bash black women left & right to the point you would forget that she is a woman of color herself. We just happened one day to have caught an episode of her bashing Lauryn Hill and other black women's choice to wear natural hair and decided to go on Twitter and send her a few tweets letting her know our distaste for her lack of taste in berating Ms. Hill and others, including actress, Ms. Viola Davis, who looked spectacular on the Red Carpet rocking her natural self.

Well what do you know, we are not the only ones disturbed by this woman. Ms. Janet Hubert of "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" fame happens to get the same sickening feeling.

Janet Hubert: Just a couple more suggestions for you, please would you stop dissing all of us who’ve embraced our natural hair as many others and I have? And yes Wendy natural hair does belong on the red carpet whether you like it or not.

Ms. Hubert was quite upset over the handling of an interview of Tatyana Ali yesterday on Wendy's show, that she even took to Blog Talk Radio to read a letter out loud to voice her disgust. Kudos to her, Strong Woman indeed, we need more like her to stand up to some whom it would seem, simply use their platform to degrade  our culture. Get it together Wendy!! Listen to the Blog Talk Radio broadcast below and Tatyana Ali on Wendy:

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