Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Yandy Smith, Family & Choices

This is a sad clip. Not for Yandy Smith, who is an Entrepreneur and business owner, and currently on the Reality Show "Love & Hip Hop",  or sad for her Fiance Mendeecees, but for the 7 year old baby who has to take on something so heavy as seeing a parent Incarcerated. Sometimes adults have a selfish streak and do not think about how their actions will affect their children.

Having experienced the Injustice system in the south, which started with unpaid auto Insurance fees, which led to suspension of my license, which led to being put on probation because of having been caught driving on a suspended license, which led to exorbitant fees I couldn't pay on time, which led to being incarcerated for a short period of time because of probation violation, which felt like a century! See how the repurcussions work? Something small led up to the most horrific experience of my life! THINK, before you DO...because if it can happen to someone like me, trust & believe it can happen to anyone. However the experience humbled me for sure..LOL..and taught me to not judge others so quickly.

I just hope this father learns from the experience of seeing his young son, confused and lost. Can you imagine him having to go to school with this on his mind? AND, why broadcast it live for all to see, his friends to see? Again, CHOICES!

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