Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Debate among Greats! TALIB VS. LUPE FIASCO!! & OUR INPUT!

Okay, so we have to admit that we have just recently fallen in love with Conscious Rapper Lupe Fiasco, however have been fans of Mr. Kweli as well.  So the other day while on Twitter we saw a back and forth, Intelligent debate ( which we love) taken place between the Giants of sorts,  in Reference to the impact that Negative Rap Music is having on the Black Community.

As an EP and Host of our show "How We Do It" Radio, we have similarly hosted a topic, visit this link:: Hip Hop Vs. Rap

Anywhoo, we were on Twitter during this debate and couldn't help but to jump in to give our opinion as in the past we had been conflicted as well and feel both are needed in a way, as we have to realize from a sociological perspective, not ALL of us were raised the same,  to talk the same, to walk the same Etc Etc...However, I think there is a responsibility to, IF, one cares for their community and have ANY respect for the hardships our Ancestors went through to give us basically LIFE., most through their death!, Than as people of color we have an responsibillity to PAY IT FORWARD!!

Check out our Input below and Read the full article here: DEBATE

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