Monday, April 22, 2013

Controversial Comedian Paul Mooney in trouble over Boston remarks

Legendary Comic Paul Mooney is known for his controversial stand up performances where he pushes the envelope when it comes to race relations. Mr. Mooney was a writer for famed Comedian Richard Pryor and a host of other well known stand up comics including, Sandra Bernhard.

This past Sunday, Mr. Mooney was booked in Rockland County, New York at a comedy club where he allegedly made a shocking remark in regards to the Boston Bombing Tragedy where 3 people died, including an 8 year old boy. The statement went something like this, "White People in Boston deserved what they got". WOW! Although this statement is shocking to some we are not surprised, as a fan of Mr. Mooney's comedy, this is his usual routine, how he feels, whether some in the audience feel he is crass, dead wrong or not. Some of his comedy is on this blog.  Read the Full Story here:

Paul Mooney's Website:

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