Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cowards are blackmailing young women to death on the Internet...Parents pay ATTENTION!

This story is so disgusting, evil and scary but a MUST read for parents or anyone with children who may not be as computer literate or well versed on just how dangerous it can become for anyone, let alone a young child/girl on the Internet. Having a 7 year old daughter who currently has the knowledge of how to boot up my laptop and navigate well enough to end up at her favorite website, makes me proud albeit leery and concerned about her future on the World Wide Web. 

I rarely post pictures of my daughter and this story is the reason why. Please share this link for awareness and stop and think about the type of pictures you are posting of your young girls or boys for that matter. Below is the original video of 15 year old Amanda Todd a week before she took her own life after being extorted for nude pictures. Very disturbing and extremely sad.

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