Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dame Dash gives Rare Interview, talks Aaliyah, Jay Z and Drug Culture in Hip Hop.


This is a pretty amazing interview Dame Dash gives on the show "Combat Jack". We have been lately thinking, where the hell is Dame Dash?!!! It is almost like he was erased from Hip Hop or something, Jay barely mentions him. This is a testament of how the entertainment business operates on some levels when it pertains to relationships it would seem, friendships fall apart. The most revealing part about the so called "descent" of Dame Dash for us, would be his divorce from Fashion personality Rachel Roy, seems when he went through a rough patch she just simply up and disappeared. Who knows, we don't know what really took place behind the scenes, however we wish this brother peace and happiness in his future. One thing is for sure, he seems pretty clear headed right now. One thing is for sure, he was quite the personality, flamboyant INDEED! ;-)

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