Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Emmit Till's family going after Lil Wayne's Endorsements! Still No Apology. SMDH...

"Don't Do the Dew"! Is what Emmit Till's family is asking from those whom have reaped from the sacrifice of Emmit's life, which helped to catapult the civil rights movement for equal rights and justice. Mountain Dew allegedly is one of the biggest sponsors of Lil Wayne.

The Till family has expressed outrage via several media outlets. Including most recently on Youtube. The lyrics which were on an unreleased remixed track of rapper Future's song "Karate Chop", was supposedly remixed without permission from Epic, (mmm hmm) who respectfully pulled the song off airwaves and EVEN apologized to the Till Family on Wayne's behalf!! Smh...

 Lil Wayne has yet to apologize to the family, which is making alot of people really not like the guy. Has he become that Egotistical that he can't see a wrong and correct it? Obviously not.  We have to wonder how his daughter by Toya feels, she is of age and most likely studied how important Emmit Till is to the African American Community in school. Quite sad & Embarassing for the poor child.

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