Friday, April 5, 2013

"Its Been A Looong Time Comin" ScottsBoro Boys posthumously Pardoned. SMH


The 'Scottsboro Boys' will be pardoned after they were falsely accused of rape by two white women in 1931. The Alabama Senate had passed the bill earlier, 29-0. The house voted 103-0 for the legislation. Gov. Robert Bentley has indicated he will sign it. Justice has finally come for these poor men. The last of the group died in 1989. 

The Senate sponsor, Republican Arthur Orr, said it was unfortunate that the pardons are coming after all the Scottsboro Boys have died — but the bill lets Alabama write a “better final chapter.”
“Their lives were ruined by the convictions,” he said. “By doing this, it sends a very positive message nationally and internationally that this is a different state than we were many years ago.”
So  now our next question would be, what sort of charges will be brought against the two white women who falsely accused them of rape? The youngest of these boys was only, 13!! Lets not even think of the heartbreak the family must have went through. For reasons unknown, no one has spoken a peep about their punishment. 

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