Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The man in the WheelChair has a name, it is Jeff...He's in Stable Condition...

The victim’s name is Jeff and he is in critical but stable condition following surgery to amputate both of his legs. The cowboy’s name is Carlos Arredondo, a Red Cross volunteer and peace activist who lost a son in the Iraq war.
Jeff’s father and friends took to to identify him to the world and to thank those who offered up their prayers.
“Can everyone pray for my son Jeff Jr. who was at the finish line in Boston today,” wrote Jeff’s father from Concord, NH. He added: “I’m really starting to lose faith in our country.
I tell ya, we couldn't bring ourselves to post the horrid pictures of Jeff in shock with his legs nothing more than shreds of meat and bone, missing his feet...everything blown apart. This family will have a long road ahead of them. May Jah be with them. 

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