Thursday, April 25, 2013

What Happens When Couples Marry Too Fast?

What Happens When Couples Marry Too Fast?

I often wondered how it would feel to be in a "legal" marriage, with a piece of paper, a set of laws and "I do's", just to all of a sudden realize the person you have married is a complete stranger, not the individual you THOUGHT you knew. What then?  The bible teaches that marriage should be taken seriously and if you have any belief in a higher power, than divorce just may not be an option unless, done so properly (spiritually).

I do believe couples that pray together, stay together because they are given the tools and spiritual strength to get through uncertain, tough times in a marriage. Ofcourse, this is all speculation as a single gyal with children out of wedlock! LOL Anywhoo, check out the write-up and if you are even more brave, subscribe and leave a comment Ciao!

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