Friday, May 31, 2013

Family accuse police of brutality during teen's arrest

Family accuse police of brutality during teen's arrest: MIAMI -- The family of a South Florida teenager is accusing Miami-Dade Police officers of crossing the line when they arrested the 14-year-old on the beach.

At juvenile court Tuesday, Tremaine McMillian's family argued, the teen was in the water nursing a puppy with a bottle, and that's when police overreacted. But officers told a much different story that led to a charge of resisting arrest with violence.

McMillian was slapped with that charge Monday afternoon after a witness shot cell video of two Miami-Dade Police officers holding the teen down on the ground. The incident happened near Haulover Beach. "He started choking me, and as he was choking me, I urinated on myself because I couldn't breath," said McMillian.

His family said, just before all this happened, McMillian had been playing in the water with some of his friends. He said he was holding his 6-week-old puppy when officers came up to him and asked what he was doing. Miami-Dade Police said the reason officers approached McMillian is, because they saw him roughhousing with another teenager.

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