Saturday, May 25, 2013

He shot his wife 8 times..Finally he has been brought to Justice

I remember this story distinctly, having been a resident of Sandy Springs and having lived less than a mile from where this shooting took place. Finally this sociopath can get what he deserves. This poor woman probably never knew what  hit her or knew anything about her mentally ill husband's philandering behavior and his pathological lying. The Devil sometimes comes in the flesh ya'll. Beware!!!

A Sandy Springs jury today found Michael Parson guilty of the attempted murder of his ex-wife, Adina Broome.
Parson, 43, sat emotionless in court as the jury foreman read the verdict, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports.
Broome, a lawyer, was shot eight times outside the couple’s Sandy Springs apartment last April. Police initially believed the shooting was a botched robbery attempt.

Parson told detectives he had dinner with a friend and then drove to a DeKalb hospital for treatment of back pain the night his wife was shot. But Parson couldn’t explain why his cell phone was pinging off a tower near the apartment complex just minutes before the shooting.

Parson was captured near the Mexican border in May 2012 after fleeing Atlanta to evade arrest.

While on the run, he sent multiple text messages to Rachel Harner, a woman half his age. Harner turned the texts over to police.
“You already know that I will do whatever it takes for us to be happy and that the only thing I’m truly afraid of is being without you…I’m sorry I let us down,” Parson wrote in one text to Harner.

 But Harner, who was engaged to Parson, lashed out at him for lying about his double life.

“I had to find out from [police] that you were married. That you’re damn aunt was really your wife and was hurt,” Harner wrote Parson, according to documents. “All those things I should have known, instead I found out from complete strangers.”
In letters sent from jail, Parson encouraged Harner, 21, to write a novel about his story.

A typical narcissist, Parson gave Harner a synopsis for the book, describing himself as a “smart, good looking and seemingly easy-going man who lives at least 2-3 complete lives at once but is in love with the same woman in them all.”
Parson met Harner at the Dunwoody pet shop where they both worked.

“You really were the love of my life. If I wasn’t a sociopath we would’ve done amazing things together,” Parson wrote.
The smooth talker insisted that he was faithful to Harner. “I promise you that you were the ONLY person in my heart.”

Broome, who divorced Parson last year, is currently receiving outpatient physical therapy. She lost the sight in one eye, has limited mobility, and difficulty speaking as a result of her injuries.

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