Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Rihanna's "STAY" #1 on the Charts!!! Love the Song....

Stay’ was named the third highest selling single of 2013- with sales of 2,593,186 units. Epic, considering it continues to shift sizeable units week on week and is on course to reach the 3 million milestone by the year’s end. 

Oh and she has a new hairstyle, Blonde which we hate. Why are all these women of color wearing blonde hair is a very important question, like really. NeNe, RiRi, Beyonce & Eve, ratchet Nikki Minaj ofcourse. Check out the video of Rihanna in N.Y. last night. RiRi babey, you have to EAT!! Nothing is more important than your health, you are toooo skinny. 

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