Monday, May 6, 2013

Sloane Stephens "I can't wait to take Serena's poster down and put mine's up!'...Huh?

I've said this before, the young tennis phenom, named Sloane Stephens was a bit jealous of Serena Williams or just very very ambitious. While watching her play a match of tennis and winning, she made the statement to an interviewer, that she couldn't wait to tear down Serena's picture off her wall and put her's up. Now, maybe its just us, I was thinking, WOW..that doesn't come across well, sort of a jealous streak or something., than I thought, well, Hey maybe her goal is to replace Serena, after all it is a competitive sport. SMH...Now we hear she is still talking sideways against the Veteran Pioneer, Serena Williams. Can't we ALLLL just.........Get Along!!

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