Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"R&B Divas ATL" More Drama Unfolds

Wow. Can someone stop the bleeding?, because folks are going after the Jugular! We wish ALL these ladies/gents some sort of healing. Our door is always open if you want to come on the show and discuss the issue!!!! It seems Ms. Nicci Gilbert is being slaughtered in the media as allegations are being made against her Apparel company,  "Curvato" as being FRAUDULENT!!. Sad. Read the full writeup after the Jump!


As if the petition to get her fired from the very show she helped create wasn’t enough, Nicci Gilbert finds herself in the middle of even more drama and speculation this week.
According to a new report, the Brownstone and “R&B Divas: Atlanta” star is not the real designer behind her much promoted line, “Curvato.”
Funky Dineva has made claims that Ms. Gilbert’s fashions are really designed and shipped by a China based wholesale company.
“Nicci Gilbert does not even design Curvato clothing. Instead, she purchases the bargain basement fashions from China Wholesale. 

Hey, why pay more when you can pay less?” reports Funky Dineva.
The first to question the validity of Nicci’s business was Angie Stone, the aftermath of which will be seen during tonight’s episode. Both Angie’s discovery and Nicci’s reaction will be highlighted.

On the previous episode Angie went to do her research on Gilbert’s charity event only to find out that the charity itself didn’t even exist “yet”. When questioned about it the diva grew seemingly defensive and tension began to flair. Now the word is the entire group will bring Nicci’s actions and business into question during the next episode.

This new revelation will only add fuel to the fire started by the recent petition to prevent Nicci from returning to the show if it’s picked up for a third season.

As previously reported, despite the fact that she’s one of the show’s creators, fans would like to see her replaced by Blu Cantrell, Sunshine Anderson, Nivea or Tweet. As of press time there were 222 signatures on the petition.

Originally there was speculation that producer Phil Thornton started the request to have Nicci axed from the show, but one of Syleena Johnson’s fans, a man named Glen Whitcroft, stepped up to admit that he posted the petition.

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