Friday, June 7, 2013

RealityTV: Rapper 50 Cents gives H.S. dropouts 2nd Chance....BRILLIANT

See this is what we're talking about, if you have a huge platform like Mr. Curtis Jackson, than use it to try to give back, to heal in some shape or form. Rapper 50 Cents has just been given the green light to produce his own unscripted show entitled: "DREAM SCHOOL" on the Sundance Channel.

On the show, which 50 will executive produce under his G-Unit Films and Television company, students will take classes taught by famous professionals — including musicians, politicians, filmmakers, scientists, actors and artists.

The network’s president Sarah Barnett said the series sheds light on a harsh reality.
“Dream School” will be at times devastating, at times deeply uplifting, and entirely full of the genuine conflict and struggle that goes along with true transformation. Viewers will see that play out, not just from the teenagers in the show but also from the celebrities and educators who have signed on for this tough yet potentially life-changing project,” she said in a statement.

Do you guys remember the reality show on VH1 with Puff Daddy's protege at the time, Mr. Bently, entitled: "From G's to Gents?"  It was pretty good, too bad it was canceled, ofcourse.

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