Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Exploitation or Respect for Trayvon Martin? Rick Ross - I Wonder Why (CDQ/No DJ)

Counter-productive much, Sargeant Rick. Why do you always have to use the "N" word, "B" word to get your point across and the utter attempt of degrading a culture? I have to wonder if it was written into a contract for you to do so. You ask the question "Why"? Maybe its because of the drug dealing and gun culture and gang banging that influences impressionable youth, that you reinforce with your music, that assists in keeping an institution of oppression and stereotypes alive., that Trayvon was being followed by a "Creepy A** Cracker" The answer is in front of you. Look no further. Seems as if you are providing a soundtrack for the White Supremacy Agenda. Please re-evaluate, the energy it took to record this garbage could of been put into announcing your Solidarity in Boycotting Florida and its racist "Stand Your Ground" Laws!

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