Monday, July 22, 2013

Black on Black Crime, the Right, and Black Apologists

This is a wonderful write up from "American Prospective". I think it is an insult for the Right wing media and even some within the black community to try to confuse the issue or assauge anger, of receiving Justice for a young man that was gunned down doing what most youth have done at one time or another., coming from the store to buy candy. 

My argument, if some in the black community say "Black on Black crime is an Epidemic, than they should also educate themselves enough to know that so is senseless police shootings, vigilante shootings, security guard shootings and Yes, Neighborhood Watch shootings as stats show right now, every 28 hours a black man is shot to death by these people. If that is not an Epidemic than I don't know what you would call it.  BOTH should be discussed and added to a plan of action instead of trying to use the "Black on Black" crime as some sort of "Red Herring" to further criminalize our young black men and boys.

As the writer of this article so intelligently points out: "No one has said that crime between African Americans isn’t a problem. The point is that blackness has nothing to do with it. “Black-on-black crime” is a frame that presupposes black criminality—that there’s something inherent to blackness which makes intra-group crime more prevalent and more deadly. But that’s nonsense, and all it does is obscure the history that brought us to this point. After a century of anti-black violence and public policy—of manufactured ghettos, forced hyper-segregation, and state-supported peonage—is economic perilousness and heightened violence among the victims and descendants of those people really a shock? And if it isn’t, then why would talk about crime in these communities as a factor of blackness, and not of history and circumstance?" Read the full article here:

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