Sunday, October 27, 2013

Chris Brown arrested for felonious assault. Damn Chris!

 Chris I can't with you! I try to defend you and keep you looking like a human in front of the vultures so some won't devour you., I'm DONE! Maybe you need a chill out moment in jail, believe me it works. Go clear your head and figure out what is really important in life. You obviously have anger issues, that if not put into perspective will end with your death, young man. Your poor mother. smdh Learn how to walk away from ignorant people, who are really haters mad cause they do not realize, your gift is not their gift, they have to find their own purpose in life and leave you the hell alone. Prayers Chris, Prayers.

Chris Brown just can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

According to TMZ, the R&B singer was arrested in Washington D.C. this morning outside the W Hotel. Allegedly, Brown got into an argument with a man and began punching him.
Though Breezy did not appear to be under the influence of anything at the time of the incident, he was still arrested and charged with felony assault.
While Brown is still being held by DC police, the victim involved is currently under observation in a local hospital. His probation from the Rihanna beating is still in effect from 2009. It’s likely that Brown violated his probation which means he could be sentenced to prison for nearly 4 years.

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