Saturday, October 19, 2013

Nas talks Business Ventures, New Album & Henny

While some may not know this, artists are no longer totally dependent on album sales to make money or on radio spins nor touring as much as they used to.  BRANDING is where it be these days to secure a endless cash flow. Why many artists such as Raheem DeVaughn it seems has branched out with his online radio show or Hip Hop MC Mysonne starting Fitness BootCamps to add to his brand.

Recently one of the greatest MCs hands down Nasir Jones a.k.a Nasty Nas signed on with the Brand "Hennessy" on one of their campaigns.

While talking about his partnership with Hennessy for the "Wild Rabbit" campaign, the Queen's lyricist stated that he didn't know what cognac was composed of. "And it comes from grapes, I had no idea. I never thought about where cognac came from. I assumed just sparkling wine and red wine, all of that was grapes. I never took the time to think, wow, this thing comes from grapes too."

Following this was a question concerning the 20th anniversary of "Illmatic," apparently there is a concert in the works and there may be a special re-release.

The next topic involved the focus of Nas' upcoming album for which he revealed that this album is meant to challenge him as a writer. READ FULL INTERVIEW

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