Sunday, October 6, 2013

Natural hair Guru-Isis Brantley, who braids Erykah Badu's hair, Faces the Law....

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Isis Brantley is one of the country’s leading African hairbraiders.  She works with everyone from Grammy Award-winning artist Erykah Badu to the homeless.  But Texas will not permit Isis to teach hairbraiding for a living unless she spends 750 hours in barber school, passes four exams that do not teach braiding, and spends thousands of dollars on tuition and a fully equipped barber college she doesn’t need.  Tellingly, Texas will waive all these regulations if Isis goes to work for an existing barber school and teaches hairbraiding for them.

This is nonsense. It is obvious some do not want her sharing her skills and assisting other women of color from achieving economic wealth. Check out the video below. Oh and support this Queen, here is her website:

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