Monday, October 28, 2013

VIDEO: "I'm feeling so blessed about being myself" KANYE WEST Love It!


Is Kanye West losing it? Or has the media gone on a spin campaign to make him seem crazy. First, there were stories about Kanye selling confederate memorabilia, than the story about him bringing a replica of Jesus on stage (which may be art/stageplay), now this morning they are saying he is subjecting fans to rants about them and their treatment of him.

While he may seem over the top, he is a creative genius in his own right that will not be put in a box. To walk the walk and talk the talk, to not avoid controversial subjects.. While we do not agree with him naming his album after Jesus, we respect his fight to "be himself" by any means necessary. Check the story by hip hop magazine "the source" and video.

What do ya'll think about how the media treats celebrities who fight to be themselves?

"This latest rant took place in Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA,  the forth stop on his Yeezus tour, which kicked off in Seattle, WA at the Key Arena where the rapper brought out a Jesus impersonator. From several IG pictures from multiple shows, the show  is  equipped with props,  half-dressed women and masks. We’re more than sure there will be plenty of rants down the line. Ye fans are in for quite the treat."

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