Saturday, October 12, 2013

Words are Weapons: The Downfall of Hip Hop

This is a great article Words are Weapons by the artist Homeboy Sandman in HuffPost's Art & Culture section. As a lover of Hip Hop it irritates me when the media tries to confuse the true culture of Hip Hop with Rap/Commercial Hip Hop music., as someone whom Hip Hop helped raise, in some circumstances, I want that ole thang back, where Hip Hop was fair and diverse. Where Hip Hop seemed to understand my feelings and mood at a precise time, a diverse list of hip hop artists and their catalogues of pure dopeness.

 I interview many Indie/Major Rap/Hip Hop artists and I always try to remember to ask them the question, "Are you Hip Hop or Rap Artist"? It perplexes me when some who are clearly what I would consider commercial rap artists, boldly and clearly say they are Hip Hop. 

I respect their opinion and would not have them on the show if I felt they did not have talent or some sort of clue. Having worked in the entertainment industry, I've seen the business side and the creative side and I get the struggle for artists, I get that this "game" is 10 percent creativity while 90 percent BUSINESS. I also get the hunger (one time aspiring singer) of wanting to be known for your craft, albeit having to decide what you will sacrifice. 

I only ask informed artists, artists with some sort of knowledge of self,  to truly weigh their options and think of their influence and choice of "WordPlay". My favorite female MC and true lyricist, MC Lyte, said it like this: What is the "truth" that you are holding back from the people, when you change your lyrics as an MC due to label pressure?

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