Monday, November 18, 2013

Explain This! Cops fire upon minivan with 5 kids inside! VIDEO

Very disturbing video indeed. Mom is in the wrong for her actions (maybe drug/mental health issues), however police are more wrong in our opinion showing such a depraved indifference to the screaming children, while they bash glass all over them and than to further risk causing injury/death by proceeding to fire upon the minivan! Now maybe I'm mistaken, is it not an police officer's job to PROTECT & SERVE?! How is this preserving life and protecting it?

Now, would it not have been better judgment to take the license plate number and find out where this woman lived? As she obviously, is not in her right state of mind. This case is eerily similar to the young mother who was shot and killed in Washington, D.C., while with her infant/toddler right next to her. We are for sure living in a police state.

We've managed to do some research and found the mother is extremely involved with her children, home schools them and is the entrepreneur of "True Skool Academy". Not sure what was going on that day. There are alot of questions. Below is a video of she and her children from her blog Mom's Blog and the Video from the Police Dashcam. I am glad no one died. Sigh.

What are your thought? What could have been done different?

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