Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Kanye West on Sway! That is all...SMH..


So, this morning we were up quite early and had the opportunity to listen in to Kanye on the Breakfast Club, seems he's doing press against Nike Corp for their treatment of him. It was a good interview, well composed, kept his composure although Charlemagne called his wife to be a Whore etc. He admitted he could be over the top sometimes and he welcomed those "Ahole Checkers" so to speak, to let him know.

Somehow his mood took a turn. He appeared on our favorite Host Personality, SwayinTheMorning's show and things went left. WHO, convinced Kanye to do this publicity tour when they know he is no bueno with Media? Was it Kim or Kris? Anywhoo, here is the hopefully, the FULL interview..THOUGHTS?

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