Friday, November 29, 2013

Kanye's sneakers "Red Yeezys" selling for 15,000 DOLLARS! See? Nike Corp.

While a retail release of the Red/Red Yeezy 2's seems as if it will no longer happen since Kanye's departure from Nike, the crave for this particular pair of sneakers continues to resonate throughout the sneaker community as many are still yearning to get their hands on a pair. But at what cost?

We know the value of any Yeezy 2 is already in the thousands, but an unreleased edition takes things to new heights and this All Red version does just that as this eBay listing has a full size run of the elusive tonal red kicks going for a staggering $15,000.

So obviously Nike is upping the Ante, and showing their disdain for how Kanye is "acting out" against them? They have an Monopoly over his likeness/brand and doing whatever they feel. May be the reason he is so frustrated. Sure would like to see what the Adidas Sneaker will look like. Here's hoping those who have a sneaker addiction can step away, and realize these sneakers have no REAL value! They're just sneakers! COME ON!  Your opinion?  If you have one.

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