Wednesday, November 13, 2013

NY Mayor Di'Blasio ready to settle lawsuit for CP5!!! Yay..


According to filmmaker Ken Burns, who last year brought out a documentary on the notorious and racially charged story of the “Central Park 5″ — five black men wrongfully convicted of raping a white female jogger — newly elected New York Mayor Bill de Blasio will finally settle the case.

In a now-renowned miscarriage of justice, the “Central Park 5″ spent a decade in prison for the rape, convicted on scant evidence, false admissions and racist fervor, before the actual rapist turned himself in. To this day, the five men have had an open civil lawsuit against the city for wrongful conviction and reparations. Burns told HuffPo Live that, finally, when de Blasio takes office he will settle the 10-year-old case.

“Bill de Blasio, the mayor-elect, has agreed to settle this case, and though this is justice delayed way too long, and that is justice denied, [they] will not only be exonerated … but they will have justice, they will see some closure, they will be able to be made whole,” said Burns, whose film “The Central Park Five” detailed the injustice the men, convicted as juveniles, faced.
We eagerly await hearing this news from the mayor-elect himself.

I am Ecstatic! I lived during this time and remember this case clearly also saw the documentary "Central Park 5" by Ken Burns, it will disgust you. These guys were robbed of their lives as just very young boys, thrown in with wolves and set up by a supremacist evil corrupt system of Injustice and Opportunist politicans! Its courage like this, that I sometimes wish Barack Obama had.
Congrats to the CP5!

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