Monday, November 18, 2013

Sad: K Michelle Shrine performance outfit proves her team sucks!

Over the weekend, K Michelle showed up to the "House of Blues" in Chicago looking like a "fool", as her team of people did not inform her of just how disgusting she looked. Her body looked deformed, and the outfit was extremely tacky and classless. On top of that, it looked like she was dressed for a pornography photoshoot or something. Her backside, seemed grotesquely out of proportion, probably made worse by the type of clothing she was wearing.

Kay says the picture is photoshopped, however video never really lies and someone dug up the performance and posted it. Folks love to see ya losing. Kay, you need to double think what this team of yours is all about because they sent you out on stage looking a hot mess! Hopefully, you are the kind of artist who can accept "truth" from your team members instead of just wanting "Yes Men" around ya. Loving your music by the way..Congrats on everything!

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