Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Teen Rape Club posts videos/photos of drunk underage girls. No Prosecution in sight


Disgusting story!

For the last two years or so, a group of West Auckland teen boys calling themselves the "Roast Busters" have gotten their jollies picking up sometimes-underage girls, feeding them alcohol, and then, once they're too intoxicated to fend off their advances, gang raping them. 

Once the act has been completed, the boys posted videos of their exploits to social media in an attempt to name and shame the girls. The boys are privileged sons of law enforcement and an actor who costarred in The Matrix. The girls are too humiliated by their exposure to come forward. And police say they can't do a damn thing about it. In fact, police knew about the group's active and disgusting Facebook page but say they weren't able to have the thing taken down. 

The Roast Busters (a play on "Ghostbusters" because rapists have very timely, with-it senses of humor, I guess) have been operating known around Auckland for some time, but became more widely known in recent days, when local 3 News reporters began going after the boys hard

On Sunday, the station explained, in detail, what the boys had been up to, and revealed the identity of a few of the club members. One of them, Joseph Levall Parker, is the son of Anthony Ray Parker, who played Dozer on The Matrix, among other recognizable roles. Another is a cop's son (police officials deny this). And all of them are human garbage. FULL STORY

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