Monday, December 23, 2013

BK Nation wants you to STAND against Sexual Violence, No Matter Who! Sign Petition!

Given the new, detailed, graphic, and very ugly information on R. Kelly's years of alleged sexual assault against teenage girls documented HERE:

we at BK NATION are calling on radio stations, video channels, music publications and websites, members of the entertainment industry, and men and women of all backgrounds to sign our petition COMPLETELY BOYCOTTING R. Kelly's musical and artistic career until he is completely honest about who is, publicly apologizes for this behavior cited from many sources, gets extended counseling, and takes a very public stand and actions against sexual violence in any form. When you read the reports and discussions of veteran journalist Jim DeRogatis, who broke the scandal nearly 15 years ago while a writer with the Chicago Sun-Times, you get a full picture of R. Kelly as a sexual predator:

Kevin Powell, president and cofounder of BK Nation, is especially asking men, including Black men, to join us in taking a very public stand against any form of sexual violence and assault against women, girls, and children. We at BK Nation believe that silence is this matter is agreement and support. And we believe that if we give R. Kelly a pass then we are also saying anyone who commits sexual violence, famous or not, should get a pass as well.


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