Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Don Lemon Learns Knockout Game Defense From Black Belt Rabbi in Hysteric...

Seems Don Lemon has no remorse or regret over his controversial and troubling past of blaming the African American community for their troubles.

Don Lemon Demonstrates Helps Whites Protect Themselves from “The Knockout Game”
Don Lemon has been heavily criticized in recent months for presenting African Americans as bitter, irresponsible people who are worthy of being racially profiled. He expressed support for the controversial stop and frisk policies, and also indicated that African Americans bring a great deal of racism upon themselves.

Another source of racial tension has been the alleged trend called “The Knockout Game,” where teens (usually black), are allegedly sucker-punching unsuspecting victims (mostly white and Jewish).  Whether this trend is real or a media-created frenzy has been in dispute.
Lemon added to the media hype by appearing with Rabbi Gary Moskowitz, aka the “black-belt rabbi,” to show how people can defend themselves when someone else is playing “the knockout game.”
The rabbi, nicknamed “Rambowitz,” demonstrated defense techniques that could be used, with Lemon serving as the test dummy for his televised project.

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