Thursday, December 5, 2013

Owuor Arunga-Dizzy Gillespie of Hip Hop new Project: "Black As They Come"...


Love Jazz Music, I can dig this. Plus, he is quite pleasing to the eyes Ladies!

"Black as They Come" is the irresistible first single from Owuor Arunga & Dadabass featuring Felicia Loud, capping what has been an amazing year of recording and touring for Owuor Arunga, the trumpeter extraordinaire, "Pied Piper of the Universe" and band music director for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and the Heist Tour. A powerful and funky family affair, Arunga joins forces with his MC sister, the hard-hitting, Dadabass (Geneiva Arunga) and Felicia Loud whose soaring vocals pay homage to the African diaspora.

Okay Africa has dubbed Arunga the "Dizzy Gillespie of Hip-Hop", calling him "arguably, the most important trumpeter in the rap game today". Between playing on some of the most important recordings of the year from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, TV appearances, jamming around the globe and even historic camel joyrides, Arunga found time to produce and record his first single, just in time for the Holidays.
The Kenyan born/Seattle-based super jazzman's music is inspired by his African origins, a kinetic global musical view and performing with great musicians from all over the world. Arunga, who has been dubbed the "Sultan of Swag," says this about his musical inspiration, "I never forget my roots; it's the wellspring of joy that allows me to be imaginative, free and creative."

Dadabass is a powerhouse rapper, poet and storyteller from Kenya, living in Seattle. Her social consciousness and ability to tackle the weighty issues of today is fearless, challenging and inspirational.
In describing the music from his first single, recorded at Seattle's London Bridge Studio, Arunga says it best, "For me music is about making a statement, telling a story, healing, love, joy, all the beautiful faculties of the mind, sometimes even anger, drama, and adventure."

"Black As They Come" is now available for download and streaming on all major streaming services including iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Rhapsody, Spotify and SoundCloud The song is available for a limited time as a free download at Arunga's website:

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